Lockheed Martin has selected Stork Fokker to produce the flaperons for the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter (JSF) aircraft.

The F-35 JSF programme involves the development and production of fifth-generation stealth fighters which will be delivered to the US Air Force and eight allied countries.

Flaperons are control surfaces on the trailing edge of the wings that combine the functions of both flaps for deceleration and low-speed flight and ailerons for roll and bank. They contribute to improved aircraft performance by saving weight and increasing strength.

The F-35’s flaperons are 3m-long flaps made of composite and titanium for low maintenance and better resistance to fatigue and corrosion.

The contract is an important step in winning the order to supply the flaperons for all the F-35 aircraft to be built over the life of the JSF programme.

Fokker is also engaged in design and production of the doors and hatches, the electrical wiring harnesses, the wiring and structural components for the Pratt & Whitney engines and the arresting gear in the JSF project.

The flaperon contract is valid from 2009 to the end of 2014 and would be worth up to $200m.