Aircrew of Iraq’s 70th Air Reconnaissance Squadron have completed the first phase of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance training with a Minnesota National Guard division in Iraq.

The Iraqi aircrew became familiar with remote-controlled surveillance cameras attached to their Sama CH200 and SBL-360 Seeker aircraft during the training.

The aircraft are fitted with a FLIR Systems 8500 electro-optics / infrared camera system.

National Guard 34th Infantry Division operations analyst Army Staff Sgt Eric Ebner said the biggest problem they had with the modern remote-controlled cameras was coordinating the camera with the movement of the plane.

During the training, Iraqi pilots of Russian MiG 21, 23 and 25, Sukov 24 and French Mirage fighters were made familiar with the camera systems operation and capabilities during ground training.

The personnel were also given a hands-on course before they took to the sky to work with the systems targeting items on the ground.

The next phase of training will include technical capabilities coordination with the Iraqi Army to assist with more efficient placement and use of Iraqi resources throughout areas of operation.