The US Air Force has listed the criteria that will establish which air force site will be used to base the future fleet of F-35 joint strike fighter aircraft.

The criteria for basing the 25 to 300 fighters through to 2017 includes airspace, flight training ranges, weather, support facilities, runways, taxi ramps, environmental concerns and cost factors.

Air force deputy assistant secretary for installations Kathleen Ferguson said that ensuring affected communities are involved, knowing what to expect and understanding timelines for development are critical to the end process of basing all future joint strike fighter aircraft.

Over 200 air force sites will be evaluated against the approved criteria.

After the evaluation, other factors such as combatant commander requirements, aircraft retirements and delivery schedules, aircraft maintenance and logistics support, and integration with the Air National Guard and Reserve will be taken into account.

The information will be used to identify two candidate basing lists, one for operations and the other for training.