A US Air Force C-5M Super Galaxy strategic transport aircraft set 41 world aeronautical records in one flight conducted on 13 September 2009.

The Lockheed-built C-5M modified airlifter evolved out of two upgrade programmes, the avionics modernisation programme and the reliability enhancement and re-engining programme conducted on the air force’s C-5 aircraft.

The flight broke eight existing records and established standards in 33 other categories where there had been no previous record attempt.

The records were set in the class C-1.S jet category for altitude in horizontal flight, altitude with payload, time-to-climb, time-to-climb with payload and greatest payload to 2,000m.

During the flight, the C-5M also carried a payload of 176,610lb to an altitude of more than 41,100ft in 23.59 minutes.

The class C-1.S jet category is for aircraft weighing between 551,155lb and 661,386lb.

The C-5M’s take-off weight of 649,680lb included fuel, crew weight, necessary equipment and the payload loaded on 29 standard US military 463l cargo pallets.

The flight also set new records for altitude with payload of 41,188ft. It also set record for time-to-climb with different quantity of payloads.

The airlifter took 4.13 minutes to reach an altitude of 3,000m, 7.27 minutes to get to 6,000m, 13.8 minutes to fly to 9,000m and 23.59 minutes to reach 12,000m.

The aircraft also broke existing class records for altitude in horizontal flight and greatest payload to 2,000m.

The records will require the approval of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, which is expected to take several weeks.