BAE Systems has launched the BAE 146 aircraft as a military transporter at this year’s Defence Services & Equipment International Exhibition (DSEi 2009) in London.

The BAE 146M can used by air forces for a range of non-tactical air transport roles and can complement their existing fleet of tactical airlifters such as the C130 Hercules.

BAE is offering the used BAE 146Ms in both passenger and freighter configurations with modifications such as additional fuel tanks, steep approach and unpaved runway capabilities.

The BAE 146M will seat up to 109 passengers in the passenger version, and carry up to 12.5t of freight as a freighter.

Each passenger aircraft is expected to be worth about $3m and the freighter is estimated at about $5m.

The aircraft can also deployed for paratroop transport, medical evacuation, forward air refueller, rebroadcasting and surveillance missions.

The airlifter offers cost-effective additional airlift capability for interim or long-term requirements, according to a BAE statement.