The second of five A330 multirole tanker transport (MRTT) aircraft set for the Royal Australian Air Force has completed its mission equipment phase with successful ‘power-on’.

The A330 MRTT is based on the same general configuration as the KC-45 aircraft and features an advanced aerial refuelling boom system and a pair of 905E under-wing hose-and-drogue air refuelling pods.

The aircraft underwent conversion to the A330 MRTT military configuration in Australia with the ‘power-on’ verifying successful operation of over 400 installed wiring harnesses that form a part of the tanker’s military modifications.

The successful outfitting will be followed by ground and flight tests of the aerial refuelling systems and military avionics.

The MRTT will then fly to Spain for further enhancements before joining the certification and qualification flight program with the first tanker.

Two of the multirole platforms will be delivered to Australia in 2010. The third aircraft is currently undergoing conversion.