The US Air Force has activated its cyber-focused air force, the 24th air force (AF), which will form part of the Air Force Space Command.

The 24 AF will provide combat-ready forces to conduct sustained cyberspace operations, fully integrated within air and space operations.

Air Force Space Command commander general C Robert Kehler said that through the 24 AF, their service will present a full spectrum of cyberspace capabilities vital to the joint warfighter.

“Air Force Space Command has been designated the lead air force command for cyberspace,” Kehler said.

“By activating 24 AF, the air force now has an operational unit to present cyberspace forces to the joint community.”

Through the 24 AF, the AFSPC will build and create networks in fixed and deployed USAF locations and also operate and defend that domain.

The 24 AF is based at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.