South Korea has requested 55 Sidewinder missiles from the US in a bid to impriove the air force’s air-to-air intercept capabilities.

Under the foreign military sale, South Korea will receive 55 all-up-round AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles, associated equipment, and logistical support for an estimated cost of $41m under.

The AIM-9X is a launch and leave, short-range air combat missile that is employed in near beyond visual range and within visual range arenas.

The associated equipment package will include 12 AIM-9X Sidewinder captive air training missiles (CATMs), 2 AIM-9X CATM missile guidance units, missile containers and missile modifications under the deal.

The missiles and the associated equipment will enhance the air force’s current air-to-air intercept capability to equal that of other regional forces in the area .

Raytheon will be the prime contractor for the potential sale.