Russia is developing new S-500 surface-to-air satellite-based missiles that will be capable of defending space-based systems as well as air-defence systems, according to Russia’s air force commander.

The S-500 surface-to-air missile system will have ballistic missile tracking and defeating capabilities and will be able to aim at a range of up to 3,500km as well as take down supersonic air devices.

Russian Air Force commander General Alexander Zelin was quoted by the AFP as saying that foreign air forces, above of all the US, will acquire the capability to deal time-synchronised precision strikes on a global scale at virtually any target on Russian territory.

“The S-500 system is capable of defeating all manner of ballistic missiles and supersonic air devices,” Zelin said.

Recently the US plans to build a missile defence shield in Eastern Europe has been opposed by Moscow, which considers the proposal as a military threat.

Both Russia and China have proposed a new treaty banning the use of weapons in space, but the idea was rejected by the White House.