The US Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded a three-year cyber security G-NET II contract to 21st Century Technologies (21CT).

The air force will implement 21CT’s advanced intelligence analytics platform, Lynxeon, to enhance the cyber defence of components within the US Department of Defense.

21CT business development and technology vice-president Logan Gilbert said that sophisticated cyber attacks from US adversaries are carried out by potentially thousands of synchronised cyber attackers over the course of months and years.

“Lynxeon will monitor the emergence of trends that indicate an imminent distributed attack and provides the required information to secure targeted systems and defeat such attackers,” Gilbert said.

The platform will aid the air force in sifting through information to identify threats and cut-off a cyber attack before it achieves its objective.

Work on the project will be performed at the Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, which has been provisionally selected to host the 24th Number Air Force that will support the air force’s new cyber command.