The US Air Force has requisitioned a crew from S&K Technologies to completely disassemble an F-15 fighter jet to see how the aging aircraft is holding up and to provide future maintenance data.

The aircraft, which has completed 6,300 flying hours, will be broken down and its internal structure examined, particularly in those areas not covered during the routine programmed depot maintenance.

Cracked, corroded or other damaged parts will be scrutinised and may be sent to laboratories for more detailed analysis for providing insight into the time of the damage and the factors contributing to it.

USAF 830th Aircraft Sustainment Group F-15 structural engineer Lieutenant Amanda Alpaugh said that the data will help in adjusting the PDM work package to ensure that inspection happens at the right places at the right time and addresses the wear and tear before becoming a problem.

The teardown is part of a larger project to ensure the future viability of F-15 aircraft and a second teardown will begin on an F-15C after this project.

The disassembly work will conclude in November 2009.