The French Air force has received the first production of the surface-to-air missile platform / terrain (SAMP/T) from the French defence procurement agency DGA.

SAMP/T is the first European missile system capable of intercepting theatre ballistic missiles such as the SCUD missile family.

The missile system is able to simultaneously engage ten targets and fire up to eight missiles in ten seconds.

SAMP/T will also facilitate interoperability for French forces since the system can be used in concert with all Nato-standard C2/C3I systems.

The system is a component of the future surface-to-air family (FSAF) of missiles programme by France and Italy that is being managed by OCCAR, a European programme management agency.

Each SAMP/T will include a fire control centre providing 360°, highly accurate surveillance, detection and target tracking.

The missile system will also have a ground-based launch system with four vertical launchers each carrying eight Aster 30 missiles, and two resupply modules for quick reloading.

The French Air Force will soon begin operational tests and evaluation of the SAMP/T.

France will receive ten systems by 2013 and final missiles by 2016.