The UK MoD has awarded a three-year research and technology contract to Rolls-Royce to provide propulsion technologies for the UK’s future fighters.

The engine technologies for aircraft persistence and survivability contract, awarded at this year’s Paris Air Show, will be funded jointly by the MoD and Rolls-Royce, which sees the technology as crucial to support its future aircraft engines.

Rolls-Royce director of engineering and technology Graham Hopkins said that “Rolls-Royce provides power, one aspect of which is propulsion. We are now talking about integrated power systems, not just engines.

“This contract enables us to work on areas such as distortion-tolerant fans and high-temperature combustion and turbine systems, which will potentially bring big capability benefits for UK defence operations in the future,” he added.

Rolls-Royce is promoting its partnerships at the Paris Air Show, including the deal with General Electric to provide an engine for the F-35 strike fighter and its collaboration with the Europrop International team on the Airbus A400M.