The US Air Force has completed site activation of sniper advanced targeting pods (ATP) on A-10C aircraft at its Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscan and Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany.

Sniper ATP involves installation, maintenance and aircrew training. It ensures that maintainers are prepared to fully support the system in theatre and aircrews are proficient with pod operations and capabilities.

A-10Cs enabled with the targeting pod will help the air force in locating, identifying, tracking and defeating both moving and stationary targets at long range.

It can also relay high-resolution streaming video to forward-deployed forces for non-traditional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and rapid target coordination.

It has already been deployed in two military exercises by the 354th Fighter Squadron Airmen where it delivered precision engagement.

The system is currently site activated at operational US Air Force and Air National Guard F-16 and all F-15E and B-1 bases. It is deployed in combat operations on F-16, F-15E, B-1 and Harrier GR7 and GR9 aircraft.

The pods are in use or have been selected for use by US Air National Guard and ten international air forces including coalition partners.