The 46th Air Wing in Pisa of the Italian Air Force (AMI) has received the last of 12 C-27J aircraft ordered from Alenia Aeronautica.

The C-27Js with an advanced configuration including in-flight refuelling system, self-protection and flight-data-projection systems will replace the existing AMI fleet of G.222s.

AMI can transport up to 68 troops or up to 46 fully equipped paratroopers plus two loadmasters in the C-27J. It can carry up to 36 stretchers and six medical assistants in medevac/casevac configuration.

The air force will also be able to transport and airdrop cargo, protect civilians, fight fire and carry out search and rescue with the craft.

The craft can take-off or land on unprepared strips shorter than 2,000ft with a maximum take-off weight of 67,241lb.

Its large cargo cross section and high floor strength will allow AMI to transport heavy military equipment and interoperate with heavier airlifters of the other Nato forces.

The C-27Js were deployed to Afghanistan by the Italian Air Force last year for coalition military and humanitarian operations. The craft has also been selected by the Slovakian Air Force.

Alenia, a military and civil aircraft supplier began delivering the craft to AMI in January 2007.