Alion Science and Technology has won an order for modelling and simulation (M&S) support for the military’s new mkXIIA mode 5 identification friend or foe (IFF) system.

Using a radio-based ID system, IFF enables the warfighter to differentiate friendly aircraft, vehicles and forces from enemy ones.

The project will ensure that the IFF provides timely and precise identification (ID) and situational awareness to prevent casualties from friendly fire.

Alion Operational Solutions Group’s senior vice president and manager said that these improvements can help ensure our warfighters’ safety by giving them more effective identification tools.

The $1.5m contract will also see that the waveforms in IFF match air traffic control (ATC) standards and don’t interfere with airwaves supporting safe operations of the aircraft.

The technology solutions company, Alion, will also assess mode 5’s performance on selected platforms. It will check its ID that queries potential combat targets and conveys ID information.

In addition, the Alion-operated Modelling and Simulation Information Analysis Centre (MSIAC) project will offer training on how to use the M&S systems.

This contract will end in April 2012.

IFF helps the warfighter to differentiate between friendly aircraft, vehicles and forces, and the enemy.