Indian Air Force (IAF) pilots are set to train on advance simulators to deal with all possible operational requirements.

IAF’s vice chief air marshall KK Nohwar simulator training will add to the training environment without any threat to the life of pilot.

“We look forward to conserving flying by offsetting a certain amount of effort with simulation on the ground.

“The present requirement of intensive training at affordable cost can be effectively addressed by focusing on simulator-based training,” Nohwar added.

The use of advance simulators forms part of the IAF’s vision to develop a scenario where platforms and weapon system for all services are integrated and simulators are networked on a common platform.

PTI also quoted Nohwar as saying, “We have an extremely versatile simulator for young air traffic control (ATC) flight cadets with 200° degree visibility. We also have link simulators which will reduce the cost of flying training, deployment and fuel bills.”