The South African Airforce (SAAF) has awarded a contract to Saab Grintek Defence to support the self protection systems (SPS) fitted to its helicopters and transport aircraft.

Under the contract, Saab will deliver maintenance and support services for the SPS fitted to the SAAF fleet of Denel Oryx medium utility helicopter and Lockheed Martin C130B medium transport aircraft.

The airborne SPS improves the defensive and operational capabilities of aircraft and helicopters, while integrated defensive aids suites (IDAS) enable detection of multi-spectral threats.

A full IDAS comprises of radar warning receivers, laser illumination warning systems, ultra violet-frequency missile approach warning (MAW) systems and pyrotechnical dispensers, according to defenceWeb.

SPS are also fitted to the AH2A Rooivalk, the A109 and Super Lynx 300, Hawk Mk120 trainer and the Gripen fighter.