The US Air Force’s (USAF) family of advanced beyond line-of-sight terminals (FAB-T) programme is making progress with hardware and software development and is now nearing completion.

The programme, currently in the engineering, manufacturing and development phase, has completed 90% of hardware qualification testing, 97% of all system software through-code and unit testing, and 30% of systems integration and test.

The FAB-T products include software-defined radios capable of protected communications, antennas, and associated user interface hardware and software for providing a survivable and powerful system.

Boeing is working with the USAF on the programme towards a low-rate initial production contract to provide protected wideband satellite communications in support of command and control of US nuclear forces.

The company will provide the USAF with a fully capable system that supports the existing military strategic, tactical and relay (Milstar) satellite constellation and its ground and airborne command-and-control terminals.