Boeing has awarded a contract to Raytheon to supply ALR-69A digital radar warning receivers and digital anti-jam receiver global positioning systems (GPS) for its KC-46 tanker.

The ALR-69A, an all-digital radar warning receiver, will enhance the situational awareness of the tanker to provide increased aircrew survivability.

The digital anti-jam receiver GPS and multi-element controlled reception pattern antenna provides robust GPS-based navigation.

The GPS receiver will integrate high-performance digital anti-jam capabilities to provide improved performance, size, weight and power for the KC-46 tanker.

Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Tactical Airborne Systems vice-president Mark Kula said, “Our advanced digital open architecture provides increased sensitivity and the ability to accurately identify threat signals much earlier in today’s dense urban environments.”

The US Air Force had awarded a contract to Boeing to build 179 KC-46A aerial refuelling tanker aircraft to replace its aging KC-135 tankers.