The Australian Department of Defence has revealed that the crash of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Pilatus PC-9 / A turboprop trainer, which occurred on 18 May 2011, was due to loss of engine power.

According to investigations conducted by the Aviation Accident Investigation Team (AAIT), the loss of engine power was due to a component failure in the aircraft’s fuel system.

RAAF will also hold discussions with its contracted maintenance organisations and engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney to establish the cause of failure.

Australian Defence said: “This will inform any further engineering and maintenance work that may be required to the component. Once this is completed, and no other factors are found by the AAIT, the PC-9 / A will be cleared to return to flying operations.”

The RAAF HAS grounded its fleet of PC-9 / A trainers as a precaution until the cause of the incident is fully investigated.