Indonesia is seeking to strike an offset barter deal over the purchase of 16 T-50 trainer jets with South Korea.

According to industry sources, Indonesia has asked Seoul to purchase four CN-235 maritime patrol aircraft in return for buying T-50 trainers.

The South Korean Government has been approved to negotiate the sale of the T-50 Golden Eagle to Indonesia, and the governments will sign a memorandum of understanding within the next nine months.

The T-50 is a single-engine aircraft designed with manoeuvrability and endurance as well as systems to train pilots to fly next-generation fighters whilst also featuring digital flight controls and a modern, ground-based training system.

The final value of the trainer deal will be decided after negotiations and the first delivery of the trainer will be made in 2013, according to Defense News.

Both countries had a similar barter trade deal in 2001, when South Korea bought eight CN-235 transport planes in return for selling 12 KT-1 Woongbi basic trainers.