L-3 Link Simulation & Training has been awarded a contract option by the US Air Force (USAF) to construct an F-16 mission training centre (MTC) to provide its pilots with high-fidelity mission realism.

The fourth F-16 MTC will consist of four L-3 Link-built high-definition simulators along with instructor / operator stations, mission observation and brief / debrief systems that will be provided by Boeing.

The simulators will enable pilots to detect, judge, recognise and identify targets similar to a realistic mission and will also undergo basic and advanced pilot mission training, as well as tactics validation.

The simulators will accurately replicate the entire F-16 weapon systems and ordnance and will be delivered in block 40/42 and 50/52 configurations.

USAF is expected to place a delivery order for 20 four-ship F-16 MTCs for installation in the US, Europe and Pacific regions.