L-3 Link Simulation & Training (L-3 Link) has been awarded a contract to provide upgrades to Swiss Air Force F/A-18C tactical operational flight trainers.

Under the contract, the company will also provide hardware and software upgrades to associated training system equipment while modifying the F/A-18C aircraft.

The first upgrade phase will involve integration of the aircraft’s 23X(S) operational flight programme and simulation of advanced targeting forward-looking infrared sensor, using L-3’s HD World database generation technology.

The second phase will include integration of the aircraft’s 25X(S) operational flight programme as well as simulation of the AN/ALR-67(V)3 digital radar warning receiver, solid-state recorder and upgraded multifunction cockpit displays.

The Swiss F/A-18 trainers are used to jointly conduct simulated air-to-air and air-to-ground tactical manoeuvres, aerial refuelling, normal and emergency procedures, as well as night vision goggle operations.

The simulated joint helmet-mounted cueing system integrated with the trainers also enables pilots to practice control of aircraft targeting systems and sensors.