Iranian defence strategy should focus on boosting air force capabilities through several foreign air bases in the region, Former Iranian Defence Minister Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani has said.

“Under such an atmosphere, we should not just focus on manned aerial vehicles, rather we should make more investments in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which is a pivotal capability of both Iran and the enemies,” he added.

Shamkhani, also the head of Center for Strategic Defence, said the trans-regional forces needed to focus on air power due to the existence of 15 foreign military bases in the Middle-East.

Experts also have expressed the opinion that the UAV would enhance the reconnaissance, patrolling and defensive power of the Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Force, according to Fars News Agency.

Iran has recently made major advancements in UAV production, stealth aircraft and drones, and has recently unveiled its first indigenous combat drone.