Sukhoi has conducted the first flight of the second prototype of the fifth-generation aviation complex (PAK FA) jet fighter for the Russian Air Force.

The flight successfully tested the stability of the aircraft and the power plant system’s performance.

The enhanced features of the PAK FA include the functions of a strike aircraft and fighter, new avionics integrating the function of ‘an electronic pilot’ and an advanced phased antenna array radar.

The aircraft’s onboard equipment enables information exchange in the real time mode both with on-land control stations and with aviation group aircraft, while the use of composite materials, innovative technologies and aerodynamic streamlining ensure radar, optic and infrared stealthiness.

The current prototype, PAK FA T-50, is planned to replace the MiG-29 and Su-27 in the Russian inventory and serve as the basis of the Sukhoi / HAL FGFA project being developed with India.