Elettronica (ELT) has selected ESL Defence to participate in the Italian air force’s Infrared Bench for Seeker Characterisation (IBOSEC) programme.

The Italian air force has awarded ELT a contract for a characterisation system for passive infrared sensors, also known as seekers.

Under the IBOSEC programme, the system will be installed at the Experimental Flight Centre – Armament Department of the Italian air force.

The system will be used to optimise the performance of both flare and directional infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) through the validation of flare signatures and jamming codes, enhancing aircraft survivability against infrared-guided threats.

ESL Defence managing director Bob Fox said the IBOSEC system will provide critical capabilities to the Italian air force, helping to save both lives and aircraft.

ESL provides electronic warfare test systems that deliver high-fidelity threat simulation in the infrared and ultraviolet domains.