The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) intends to test its capabilities by staging joint military exercises with allies, IRIAF Commander Brigadier General Hassan Shah Safi said.

“The air force is set to test its experience and capabilities outside the borders of Iran next [Iranian] year in joint and compound military manoeuvres with allies, employing new schemes,” Shah Safi said.

The Iranian military has improved its counterattack capabilities by conducting various manoeuvres.

The IRIAF has also equipped and upgraded its unmanned drones with cameras capable of taking photographs day and night.

“The successful test firing of precision-guided smart bombs has been a great development in the air force and the ‘Sofreh Mahi’ radar-evading stealth drone’s technical and aerodynamic design and test flights has been completed so far,” says Fars News Agency, quoting Shah Safi.