The German Air Force Tornado combat aircraft fleet has undergone testing of the latest capability standard ASSTA 3 (avionics software system Tornado Ada) at Cassidian’s facility in Germany.

The primary goal of the tests is to evaluate the function of the newly installed MIDS (multifunctional information distribution system) in flight operations.

MIDS, a key element in the capability enhancement of the Tornado, uses Nato’s Link 16 communication standard (STANAG 5516) for the exchange of tactical data.

MIDS enables the aircraft crew to exchange not only flight, mission and navigation data but also voice commands, encrypted and in real time, with other aircraft and ground stations.

The ASSTA 3 standard also includes a radio device of the latest Nato standard, a digital video and voice recorder (DVDR), and the integrated laser joint direct attack munition (LJDAM).

Cassidian is expected to start delivering the ASSTA 3 Tornados to the German Air Force in mid 2012.