Vuzix will deliver its first volume shipments of Tac-Eye LT displays to the US Air Force over the next three months.

The Tac-Eye LT is a wearable display solution for viewing computer data or video from a variety of video sensors.

The system mounts to any standard issue ballistic eyewear or helmet, and connects to any laptop or computer system.

The Tac-Eye display can also stream video from tactical cameras, unmanned aircraft and robots, unattended sensor systems and some radio devices.

Vuzix president and CEO Paul Travers said the Tac-Eye would help increase the airmens’ situational awareness, decrease their carried combat load, and increase their safety while on the battlefield.

The contract awarded under the USAF battlefield air operations kit programme is valued at about $3m.

The video eyewear products supplier has developed the system over the last five years with support from the US Air Force Research Laboratory, US Air Force Special Operations Command and the US Special Operations Command.