Raytheon will open its new global positioning system (GPS) collaboration centre in February 2011 in El Segundo, California, US.

The centre will allow US Air Force space and missile systems personnel to interact with the GPS operational control segment (GPS OCX) system in an operations-like environment.

Raytheon has developed the centre to facilitate increased communication and cooperation with government and contract staff throughout the 73-month programme.

The next-generation operational gateway service is designed to provide secure, accurate and reliable navigation and timing information to support military, commercial and civil users.

The system will integrate services among ground, space and user segments to enhance mission command and control and situational awareness capabilities while seamlessly supporting millions of users around the world.

The 17,900ft² centre will include an executive presentation room and advanced operations and demonstration areas.

The centre will provide Raytheon’s space and missile systems GPS directorate personnel with direct interaction onsite and virtual interaction with team members across the country through high-definition video-teleconferencing capabilities.

The Raytheon GPS OCX team has completed phase A of the programme and will complete the phase B preliminary design review in the second quarter of 2011.