The Pakistani Air Force (PAF) has received five new F-16 multirole jet fighter aircraft from US.

This is the fourth batch of new F-16s delivered and represents the near completion of block-52 squadron.

The PAF received the first delivery of three fighter aircraft in June, with subsequent deliveries in October and November, while the delivery of all 18 F-16s will be complete by January 2012.

The F-16 block 52 aircraft represents the latest configuration of Lockheed Martin’s fourth-generation multirole fighter, offering additional fuel and payload capacity, improved avionics and sensors and colour cockpit displays with enhanced pilot / vehicle interfaces.

The US is also working with the PAF to update 45 F-16s from its existing fighter fleet through the US foreign military financing security assistance programme.

Upon completion of the updates, the aircraft will have capabilities similar to those of the new F-16s, including advanced communications and a precision targeting system.

The first batch of updated F-16s is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan in early 2012.