The French Air Force has completed the first evaluation firing of the new weapon system formed by the nuclear strike variant Mirage 2000N and the ASMPA enhanced stand-off missile.

The aircraft crew flew a long mission, during which it completed different flight profiles including high altitude, several in-flight refuels from a C135 tanker belonging to the 2/91 “Bretagne” In-Flight Refuelling Group, low-level penetration and terrain following.

After the flight, the ASMPA was fired without nuclear charge, which followed its planned flight trajectory.

French Air Force has code named the test Topaze.

The project also includes the DGA armaments agency, the air force’s strategic command assets and the missile prime contractor MBDA, according to

ASMPA is a new missile, equipped with an airborne nuclear warhead (TNA), which can be fired at various altitudes and flies at supersonic speeds.