Alenia Aeronautica has delivered the first C-27J full-flight simulator to the Italian Air Force at its base in Pisa, Italy.

The simulator is specifically designed for basic and advanced training of the crews of the C-27J Spartan tactical military transport aircraft at a competitive operating cost.

The system includes an exact replica of the C-27J cockpit, fitted with equipment that accurately simulates the aircraft’s aeromechanical and avionic features and performance.

The simulator is placed within a virtual environment that reproduces external environment, weather and tactical conditions.

The system reproduces external scenarios using a geographical database which covers the whole of the Italian national territory, created by using high-definition satellite photography.

The simulator also has a calculation system, called the brain, where flight simulation models and all applications implementing the various functions available to users are executed.

The C-27J air force simulator allows training sessions to be linked to other simulators at the same base or at other sites.