The French Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has received the 1,000th missile d’interception, de Combat et d’autodéfense (MICA) air-to-air missile to equip its fighter jets.

The DGA has ordered 1,100 MICA missiles, which will be delivered to the French Air Force and Navy by 2012.

The MICA is an air-to-air missile which can be used both for short-range self-defence and interceptions beyond visual range.

The modular design of the missile allows it to be produced in two versions, including radar homing (EM) for all-weather interception or infrared (IR) for self-defence.

MICA can engage targets flying behind the launch aircraft due to its target designation by a friendly aircraft by link 16.

The infrared version is capable of detecting incoming hostile IR-guided missiles threatening the aircraft to which it is fitted.

MICA is carried by Mirage 2000-5 fighters of the French Air Force, and the Rafale fighters of the air force and navy.