The Egyptian Air Force (EAF) is to receive one advanced DB-110 airborne reconnaissance system from Goodrich Corporation for its new block of 52 F-16 fighter aircraft.

The EAF will receive the system from Goodrich as part of a foreign military sale contract awarded by the US Air Force.

The DB-110 digital, real-time, tactical reconnaissance system will capture images day and night using electro-optical / infrared sensor technology and transmit the images in real-time to analysts on the ground.

The system will provide the EAF a day / night high-resolution, wide-area ISR imaging capability to support tactical reconnaissance operations.

The imagery can be viewed on the F-16’s cockpit video display as it is collected, and enable the pilot to verify targets and conduct tasks such as battle damage assessments.

The cockpit display will also give pilots the ability to collect new targets of opportunity during the mission.

The EAF will acquire 20 new advanced block 52 F-16 multirole fighters from Lockheed Martin under the Peace Vector foreign military sale programme.