Sukhoi has conducted flight tests of serial Su-34 fighter bombers at the Chkalov Aviation Production Association (NAPO) flight testing station in Novosibirsk, Russia.

The Russian Air Force, which already has several Su-34s in service, is expected to receive another consignment of by the end of 2010.

The Su-34 uses an entire suite of airborne munitions to effectively attack land, sea and airborne targets during day and night in all weather conditions.

Equipped with active safety system and advanced computers, the Su-34 can provide extra capabilities to the pilot and navigator to perform aimed bombing and manoeuvre under enemy fire.

The aircraft can fly long distances due to its excellent aerodynamics, large capacity internal fuel tanks, fuel-efficient bypass engines with a digital control system, in-flight refuelling device and add-on fuel tanks.

It is equipped with long-range aiming systems and modern onboard devices for communications and information exchange with on-land control posts, ground troops, surface ships and in-flight aircraft.