Boeing has received a contract extension from the US Air Force to supply 2,700 small diameter bomb increment I (SDB I) munitions and 380 BRU-61 carriages.

Under the $106m contract, Boeing will deliver the munitions and carriages starting in January 2012.

The SDB I, including a steel case and penetrating blast-fragmentation warhead, is a 250lb class, low-cost and low-collateral-damage precision strike weapon.

The small size of SDB I and its four-place carriage, enables more weapons to be carried on each aircraft to improve mission effectiveness and reduce the number of sorties required per mission.

The focused lethality munition (FLM) variant of SDB I provides lower collateral damage effects with the use of a composite case warhead.

The Lot 7 production order is the seventh option exercised by the air force’s Air Armament Center since 2003 and contains the most SDB I weapons ordered in a single lot.