Leonardo has signed contracts to further support the development and delivery of the Eurofighter Typhoon’s European Common Radar System Mk1 (ECRS Mk1) E-scan radar.

Valued at more than €260m, the contracts were signed with German sensor specialist Hensoldt.

Hensoldt is the design authority for the ECRS Mk1 E-scan radar, which has been ordered by Germany and Spain.

Leonardo is already leading the development and delivery of the Typhoon’s ECRS Mk0 and ECRS Mk2 radars.

It is serving as the design authority for the ECRS Mk0 E-scan radar ordered by Kuwait and Qatar, as well as for the UK-led ECRS Mk2 radar.

Under the latest contracts, the company will now conduct development work on new wideband capabilities, as well as provide core parts of the new radar’s antenna, dubbed Antenna Power Supply & Control (APSC), and its processor.

It will also deliver research and development (R&D) work and major antenna, processor and APSC components for the ECRS Mk1.

Airbus Defence & Space will integrate the radar aboard the Eurofighter Typhoon.

With its expertise as the lead of the EuroRADAR consortium, which produces the ECRS Mk0, Leonardo is providing enablers to Hensoldt to take up the leadership role for the ECRS Mk1 radar.

Production of the first ECRS Mk1 radar is scheduled to start in 2025.

Leonardo noted that it will deliver ECRS Mk1 modules from its facilities in Campi Bisenzio, Palermo, Nerviano and Edinburgh.