Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has launched its Aircrew Combat Mission Training (ACMT) system, which uses advanced immersive training technology to permit teams to train together in mixed reality combat scenarios.

The system is offered as a turnkey solution and includes a mixed reality Multi-Position-Aircrew Virtual Environment Trainer (MP-AVET), which is integrated with a mixed reality Ground Party Simulator (GPS).

It is based on the Kratos Immersive Technology Platform that combines commercial products with immersive technologies.

The platform allows the company to create realistic training environments, which combine real and virtual components in different scenarios.

Giving an example, the company said that in the MP-AVET, an actual rotorcraft fuselage is surrounded by its immersive holodeck, and the aircrew can carry out their assigned duties in the ‘physical aircraft outfitted with seat-shaker technology, weapon recoil and windloading to mimic vibration and forces of aerial weapons employment during flight’.

The company added: “The entire aircrew performs highly realistic virtual air interdiction, air assault and close air support mission scenarios. Simultaneously, the helicopter flight engineers work physical weapons while firing at virtual air and ground targets.”

MP-AVET works along with Ground Party Simulator, which permits ground personnel to train with the crew.

The aircrew and ground party will train with each other in the mixed reality environment. They can experience the sights, sounds and haptics of simulated combat missions whilst saving on the expenses of flight time, fuel and ammunition among others.

In May, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions secured a contract to upgrade the satellite ground system for the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN).