The Israeli Air Force has conducted its first joint military exercise in German airspace, a move which is expected to further strengthen the cooperation between the two countries.

According to an AP report, a team of Israeli pilots arrived in Germany to participate in a two-week training this week.

The detachment includes six F-16s, two Gulfstreams and two Boeing 707 tanker jets. Approximately 180 Israeli personnel are participating in the exercise.

In the first week, the Israeli Air Force will train with German Air Force, while the Hungarian Air Force is expected to join the military exercise in the subsequent week.

German Luftwaffe spokesperson Thorsten Weber said: “Nowadays, we have a very intense partnership with the Israelis.

“We work closely together, we do exercises together, German soldiers are being trained in Israel.”

The relations between Israel and Germany were turbulent after the end of World War II, but both countries have grown closer over the years.

Earlier this year, Israel completed a joint training exercise with the US called the Enduring Lightning.

The exercise, held over southern Israel, included Israel’s Adir (F-35I) aircraft from the Israel Air Force’s (IAF’s) 140 squadron (Golden Eagle) and the US Air Force’s F-35 aircraft from its 34th Fighter Squadron.

Last month, Israel launched its Ofek 16 reconnaissance satellite into low Earth orbit. The satellite will capture high-resolution images of the Earth for the Ministry of Defence.