The Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD) has signed a letter of acceptance (LoA) to procure a pair of Boeing KC-46 in-flight refuelling tankers.

According to the Israel MoD’s Twitter statement, the LoA was signed over the weekend.

The latest deal comes as part of the country’s new arms procurement programme aimed at updating the Israeli Defence Forces.

It follows the clearance given by an Israeli ministerial committee last week to procure new F-35 jets, KC-46 refuelling aircraft and other weapon systems from the US.

Last year, US Congress was notified about a $2.4bn potential sale of up to eight KC-46 aerial refuelling aircraft to Israel.

The wide-body, multi-mission aircraft is based on the KC-767 refuelling aircraft.

Israel Ministry of Defense said in a tweet: “Following government approval of the IDF acquisition plan, the MoD has begun to construct procurement programmes. These are conducted with US Military channels, utilising foreign military financing.

“Similar processes will be launched to acquire a third F-35 squadron, heavy-lift helicopters to replace the CH-53 Yasur fleet, advanced munitions and more.

“The procurement plan based on US security assistance is crucial to strengthening the IAF and for the IDF’s QME (Qualitative Military Edge) in the decades to come.”

In January 2020, the Israeli Air Force inaugurated the second F-35 squadron.