Intellisense Systems has secured a contract to provide replacement multi-function controls and displays (RMCD) for the US Air Force’s (USAF) C-5M Super Galaxy transport aircraft.

This contract has been awarded through the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC) Other Transaction Authority (OTA).

Under the contract, Intellisense will provide a high-resolution version of the VDT-1209 video display terminal, which is also in use with the MC-130J Commando II aircraft.

Being RMCD hardware systems’ prime contractor, the company will work with CMC Electronics.

CMC will provide its multi-core avionics computer PU-3000, the graphics processing unit (GPU) to complete the cockpit display system replacement.

The two companies will deliver an open, modular solution that can be adapted as per the user and aircraft requirements and has an easier customer software integration.

Intellisense Airborne Systems Department business development director Jack McParlane said: “The programme scope further demonstrates our ability to address flight-critical avionics beyond just displays.”

USAF’s largest cargo aircraft, the C-5M Super Galaxy, currently features six multi-function smart displays to provide primary flight and navigation information to the pilot, co-pilot and flight engineers.

It plans to replace the current displays with 15-inch large-format, modernised displays and three separate GPU line-replaceable units under the latest RMCD efforts.

Intellisense will deliver complete prototype shipsets and support the development and rehosting of the C-5M Operational Flight Programme for the USAF.

Additionally, the company will develop a system to fulfil airworthiness needs and work on other engineering and manufacturing development activities, together with the USAF and the prime integrator, prior to commencement of the production phase of all 52 aircraft in the fleet.

The project will demonstrate the feasibility of using the new display and processing system on other aircraft.