Integris Composites USA has secured its first major order for the Cratus Wave ballistic armour in a strategic move towards enhanced safety measures. 

The United States Air Force 582nd Helicopter Group has chosen to invest in this advancement from Integris Composites to equip itself with this technology in a move that hopes to improve personal protection within the armed forces.

This body armour, a mere fraction of the thickness of comparable Level III inserts, offers an advantage by mitigating heat stress. Andrew Bonham, President of Integris Composites USA, Inc., highlighted the benefits.

“This patented body armour ballistic insert is thinner than other commercial stand-alone Level III inserts and offers the added benefit of reducing heat stress,” said Bonham.

The armour insert features Trauma Reduction Technology.

David Cordova, Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, “Many armour developers in government and private sector contractors are currently evaluating the Cratus Wave. We’re delighted that personnel in the three squadrons of the 582nd Helicopter Group will have this lighter buoyant personal protection.”

The 25-year-old company has recently rebranded, now known as Integris Composites; the enterprise was once called TenCate Advanced Armour. Cratus Wave’s US patent and certification by the US National Institute of Justice further reinforce Integris Composites’ position as a prominent player in high-performance body armour solutions.

“This Air Force purchase underscores our reputation as the premier resource for high-performance body armour,” said Cordova. “We have become the leading resource for the world’s most advanced military organizations. It’s a legacy we will continue even as we expand our armour and survivability capabilities into other applications.”

Integris Composites, in what was known as TenCate Advanced Armour, have had their armour systems used on Royal Danish Navy vessels. The armour systems have been integrated into the Royal Danish Navy’s Iver Huitfeldt-class frigates and Absalon-class support ships.