US-based aerospace company InstantEye Robotics has introduced the new line of combat-proven InstantEye Mk-3 unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

As a new introduction to the company’s range of small UAS products, the new Mk-3 system incorporates the latest advanced data encryption, enhanced payload support and a new operator interface with expanded features and capabilities.

With an aim to address cyber threats and improve security, the InstantEye Mk-3 UAS are integrated with sophisticated data protection and communication security architectures, ensuring that the operator receives secured information whenever they need.

The systems feature all-digital communication links that use advanced encryption methods to minimise the risk of eavesdropping on telemetered data.

Control systems are equipped with threat protection frameworks designed to detect and isolate various spoofing, takeover and denial-of-service attacks.

“Mk-3 systems feature enhanced on-board computing power that helps support vision-based navigation, GPS-denied environment navigation, and advanced video processing.”

To support the increased number of different new payloads, InstantEye Mk-3 systems feature an enhanced plug-and-play interface that expands the types of payloads that can be carried and the amount of information that is telemetered to the operator.

An Android-based tablet computer is used on the aircraft to offer enhanced functionality with a new hand controller.

The tablet computer offers real-time processing of system data for immediate situational awareness.

The self-contained InstantEye Mk-3 helps optimise the tactical manoeuvring capability of the operator.

Systems offered in the product line are the InstantEye Mk-3 GEN5-D1/D2 and the InstantEye Mk-3 GEN4-D1/D2 aircraft.

Built on the combat-proven InstantEye Mk-2 product line, Mk-3 systems feature enhanced on-board computing power that helps support vision-based navigation, global positioning system (GPS)-denied environment navigation, and advanced video processing.