Spanish defence company Indra is developing advanced electronic protection system for European aircraft to operate in hostile territory across the world.

The company has taken up the project under the direction of the Spanish Ministry of Defense. Led by Spain, the project has the participation of France, Italy, Germany and Sweden.

The five countries are jointly working within the EU Permanent Cooperation Structure (PESCO), which enables partner countries to sign agreements to go ahead with their defence integration.

The latest air defence systems are expected to allow a combat aircraft to fly in the protected area without an electronic protection system.

The technology being developed by Indra is expected to strengthen the safety of aircraft undertaking international, surveillance or cross-border cooperation missions.

Indra said that the new system will be interoperable with military assets in Nato countries for simultaneous operations on land, at sea, as well as in air, space and cyberspace.

According to Indra, the project will cover a wide frequency spectrum, including design, development and proof-of-concept of the capability to interfere with enemy electromagnetic systems.

This includes individual jamming capability, joined jamming capability with other platforms, as well as jamming in escort mode.

The project will be based on existing technologies in the European industry, including cyber-electromagnetic capabilities.

Indra said that the system’s modular, scalable and flexible development will facilitate integration into the avionics of the platform and carried in external pods, as well as guarantee compatibility with manned and unmanned aircraft used by allied countries.

The objective of the system is to develop an aerial platform to carry out several missions, including suppressing enemy air defences (SEAD), unconventional attacks, escorting other platforms, and attack support.

Indra is the national industrial coordinator of the European FCAS (Future Combat Air System) defence programme. The company has developed critical projects for the national defence of countries all over the world and has also participated in major European and Nato programmes.