Spanish company Indra has deployed its AIRDEF air defence system to the Oman Air Force to enable enhanced surveillance of the country’s airspace.

The deployment of the air defence system enables the airforce to plan, execute and monitor military missions.

Using the system, the Oman Air Force can monitor and identify cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft in the airspace under its sovereignty.

In a statement, Indra said: “The system merges intelligence data, as well as data from other sources, to provide an integrated view of the air situation. Its revolutionary interface incorporates data presentation tools that facilitate the functions of each operator.”

According to the company, the AIRDEF system features advanced functionalities to meet the requirement of armed forces worldwide.

The system comprises several command and control centres and radars to monitor the airspace and provide an integrated view.

Furthermore, Indra stated that it received a contract to deploy additional equipment to support and strengthen the system’s capabilities.

The radars offered by the company are designed to operate in complex conflict scenarios and adverse environments with ‘strong disturbances’.

So far, they have been deployed in countries on five continents.

“The AIRDEF system features advanced functionalities to meet the requirement of armed forces worldwide.”

Separately, the Spanish firm announced that an Asian country has recently acquired its Anti-RPAS Multisensor System (ARMS) that can be integrated with anti-aircraft defence systems to improve the protection of military bases and installations.

Indra did not disclose the identity of the Asian customer.

The ARMS system combines different sensors to offer an enhanced ability to detect and identify threats.

Equipped with advanced countermeasures, the system can disrupt and saturate the drone’s communications, location and navigation systems.