Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has announced that its ADA anti-jam GPS System was integrated into advanced platforms leveraged by the Israeli Air Force (IAF).

These platforms include F-16 fighter jets and different types of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS).

The ADA System is designed to protect global positioning system (GPS) / global navigation satellite system (GNSS) navigation from jamming.

It is used by several overseas customers on several airborne, land, and marine platforms claimed IAI.

In 2017, IAI secured a tender from the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMoD) to integrate the ADA System into one of the advanced airborne platforms of the Israeli Air Force.

For this tender, IAI provided the IAF with a solution based on a Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA).

According to IAI, ADA’s integration enables the continued operation of avionic systems, which are dependent on satellite navigation.

IAI-MALAM division vice-president and general manager Jacob Galifat said: “Electronic warfare poses an evolving threat to satellite navigation systems. The integration of the ADA System to protect various platforms against GNSS jammers is an essential component to any platform or mission system that uses GNSS receivers in general and GPS receivers in particular.

“As such, it constitutes a critical element of any modern army’s operational organisation.

“As a centre of excellence for development of technologically advanced weapon systems, IAI takes pride in providing ADA to the IAF and to our worldwide customers, and continues to adapt it to evolving threats and customer needs, including land and marine users.

“Given its proven capability in providing a solution to such significant operational challenge, we believe ADA has strong business potential for numerous countries and customers.”

A derivative of ‘ADA-O’, ADA System adds to the current ADA portfolio.

It is claimed to serve as an ‘optimal solution’ for platforms (land / marine) that have outdoor operations as a requirement.

In March this year, the defence ministries of Israel and Slovakia signed a $175m (€148m) agreement for the procurement of radar systems.