CAE Aviation has awarded a contract to German sensor solutions provider Hensoldt for the delivery of its PrecISR 1000 multi-mission surveillance radar.

The radar is being procured to support the existing fleet of surveillance aircraft operated by CAE Aviation.

This marks the second contract awarded to Hensoldt from CAE Aviation, with the first awarded in 2021 to provide the PrecISR radar system.

CAE Aviation CEO David Attali said: “The versatility of the Hensoldt PrecISR 1000 radar allows us to meet the needs of our most demanding customers, regardless of the mission profiles we perform.”

The PrecISR radar has been designed to provide a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and ground-moving-target indicator capabilities to an aircraft.

The two features allow operators to perform real-time detection, identification and tracking of a variety of small moving targets of interest such as convoys, troops and suspicious vehicles.

It further maintains reliable and precise surveillance of static and various moving threats, even in adverse weather scenarios that otherwise can affect the performance of electro-optical/infrared sensors.

The first flight of this PreISR 1000 airborne multi-mission surveillance radar was performed by Hensoldt in 2020.

According to Hensoldt, the new compact PrecISR 1000 offers superior capabilities to operators for performing large area surveillance tasks in one flight pass and obtaining real-time results for a range of up to 370km, despite adverse environmental conditions and sea states.

The PrecISR family of radars are currently operated by various intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operators from CAE Aviation.

Hensoldt Airborne ISR Radars sales director Pierre Marquis said: “We feel really proud that CAE Aviation keeps investing in new ISR capabilities by maintaining its trust in our plug-and-play high-performance radar.”