German sensor solutions provider Hensoldt has concluded a series of wide-ranging ground and field tests on its Kalaetron Attack jamming system.

The demonstrations validated the jammer’s effectiveness in protecting aircraft against different kinds of enemy air defence radars.

The tests were conducted in various operationally relevant scenarios and showcased the capability of the attack system to detect the latest air defence radars and obstruct them via accurately directed jamming signals.

Kalaetron Attack has been designed and developed by combining artificial intelligence, 3D printing technologies, digitisation, and Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA).

Hensoldt Spectrum Dominance Division head and chief strategy officer Celia Pelaz said: “Control of the electromagnetic spectrum is an essential prerequisite for information superiority, and thus the success of military missions and the protection of one’s own soldiers.

“Kalaetron Attack also makes it possible to deny the enemy the use of this spectrum – for air defence, for example.”

The Kalaetron jamming system is a part of Hensoldt’s fully digital Kalaetron family.

This product family is being used in the signal reconnaissance and self-protection systems of the German Armed Forces.

According to Hensoldt, the Kalaetron Attack can be equipped on the German Air Force’s Eurofighter jets as an escort jammer to provide a timely capability transfer to the Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance (ECR) Tornado aircraft.

It will also provide Eurofighter with the critical component of electronic warfare or escort jamming in modern operational scenarios. 

Furthermore, this scalable system can be used in ship- and land-based applications.